Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Have Exercise ADHD

The first 15 minutes of abs/arms can only be described as totally ridiculous.  I started with arms and after about 5 minutes they were on fire!  So I announced to my roommates that I was going to switch to abs because that's easier.  Well about 5 minutes later my abs were burning...both from the planks and sit ups but mostly from laughing.  Then I announced I was switching back to arms because they are easier.  At that point my school psych roommates diagnosed me with exercise ADHD!  Want to see some of the shenanigans?  Here are some pics compliments of Erin. 

Arms on FIRE!

Tools of the trade


So what did I learn from this session? Come in with some set exercises I plan to do so I won't be wondering...what should I do next?  Fewer pictures...they are awkward.  Contemplate doing the workout behind closed doors, at least for now, because I kept laughing.  And last but not least, expect to feel the burn and be sore!

Good news on the cardio a 40 minute run in at the gym.  No lines/no waiting today :)

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  1. great job on your first workout! apologies for the distractions but u have to admit it was pretty entertaining! keep up the hard work :)