Wednesday, February 16, 2011

55 of 60

So to recap this first week of arms/abs, I almost met my goal of 60 minutes.  I was just 5 minutes short!  I had planned to get in an additional 15 minutes yesterday but with interviews the past couple days and an emergency car repair to get figured out I ran out of time and spent my evening doing some school work.  Unfortunately both running and arms/abs got cut out of my schedule.  Today was also kind of strange schedule wise.  I did get in a short run with Marissa.  It was so nice to have warm temperatures and sunlight for the entire run!  Spring has sprung (at least temporarily) and it really makes running so much more enjoyable.  Even though we didn't put in a lot of miles today, we did do a big hill by UREC which made for a pretty good workout.  No arms/abs tonight again due to rescheduled office hours but hopefully tomorrow I can get back into gear after my last interview of the week.  Oh and fun fact of the day: one of my undergrad students brought her pet hedgehog to office hours tonight which was really cool!  Unfortunately pics are on my phone and I don't know how to get them onto my computer (no I don't have internet on my phone) but trust me it was really funny looking.

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