Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cake Batter Pancakes!

So I finally had an occasion to make these cake batter pancakes (happy birthday mom!) which comes from this recipe at How Sweet It Is.

The pancakes
The frosting/glaze with lots of sprinkles
The finished product
The only change I made was halving the recipe (which still made 8 pancakes).  It's also really important to cook them on lower heat.  I cooked them at 300 instead of the usual 375.  This keeps them from getting brown and hiding all of the sprinkles.  Next time I wouldn't add any sugar to the batter because with the sugary glaze you won't miss it in the pancakes.  You should try them, they are really fun!

I also made Marissa's amazing chocolate peanut butter cake for my whole family.  It was a big hit and this is all that's left.  It took some serious will power not to eat this yesterday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Pics

Here are some pics of what I've been up to during the month of July, doing a little traveling around Maine and New Hampshire.

They let me out of the Nut House! Funniest gift shop with great fudge.  Met family here before heading to lunch in Belfast.
Portland Head Light with Erin, Nick, and his family
Sabbaday Falls off the Kancamagus Highway in NH
Rocky Gorge also off the Kanc
Zipline across the Pemi River in NH- so much fun to take a giant leap off the platform!
View of the White Mountains from the Loon Mountain gondola
The passages were really tiny.  The woman in front of us got stuck.  It was comical.
The lake on top of Loon Mountain which helps to explain its name.
Tangy Park?  Spelling wasn't their strong point but the margaritas were fantastic
The Basin at Franconia Notch State Park
Hope your summer is going well.  I'm in total vacation mode and loving it (which explains the utter lack of blogging)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities

The fourth in Belgrade is full of fun.  We got lunch from vendors in the village, stopped for ice cream, saw a neat art exhibit, and toured the new conservation building.  After waiting out the rain and hail storm back at the house we had to hurry to make it down to the parade.  The staging area for the parade was by our road so as we rushed to get to the bridge to watch we actually became part of the parade and got lots of goodies thrown at us from the kids waiting on the floats.  This little girl scout was my favorite.  She ran up to me and said "excuse me, would you like a popsicle?"  I never turn down a blue freeze pop, especially from this cutie.
The little Daisy in her pink sneaks handing out popsicles
The parade is fun and anyone can join in.  Not only did we make out with popsicles, candy, and keychains, but one float representing a farm threw out peas!  Here were some of the things we saw:
Festive kids on bikes
Festive kid in a wagon
A kayak float
Old cars
Little cars 

An old lady skipping along!
Dressed up geese
Spectators watching from their boats
After all that we had the perfect fourth of July dinner featuring Maine lobster- yummmmy!
Hello dinner
It was a little more work than usual since this guy wasn't a soft shell and we didn't have lobster crackers up at the lake.  We resorted to using scissors to get into the claws and with a little muscle power we all got to eat our lobsters.  When it got dark we headed to the fireworks on Long Pond.  Without being able to watch by boat we had to find a spot on a crowded point.  The only spot open when we got there was between two cars so we stood in a line and joked about how a tree was going to block our view.  That turned out to be a reality so we sneaked over and stood in the last row up against the building.  Well the air conditioning unit was right there and it was blowing out hot stinky air.  My sis and I then hurried and sat a few rows up where there was some room in the grass.  Bad decision, very bad decision.  The stench over there was overwhelmingly horrible.  It came in waves and had both of us dying with laughter.  Even better was a little girl behind us who complained during the whole thing.  "The fireworks are too loud" and "the fireworks are too bright".  Then some kids came out of the icecream shop and one of them whispered, "it smells strange over here" and the little girl chimed in "the fireworks are soooooo long".  I've never laughed so hard during a fireworks show, even though the actual show was really good.  I hope you all had a fun and festive fourth as well.