Monday, May 30, 2011

The race for CHAMPION is on

Erin and I have a friendly competition going at the moment revolving around Nike Training Club.  To tell you the truth competition is always the best motivator for me.  We are racing to see who can get to the "Champion" status of NTC first.  To achieve this honor you have to do 660 minutes of their workouts.  Here is where I stand as of now:

420 minutes to go- that's 7 hours!
I'm pretty sure Erin is definitely ahead of me right now, mainly because she had the app first and started accumulating minutes before I did and she has started doing 45 minute workouts instead of 30 minutes.  Despite the soreness all over my body from my last couple days of doing NTC, I'm pretty sure I'll be back at it again today, just so I can try and close the gap!

There is nothing like a little friendly competition to get you in motion. Wish me and Erin luck in our quest to be Champions!

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