Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmers Market

Yesterday was a perfect summer Saturday.  After sleeping in I hit the farmers market with Erin.  I love getting local produce there and the baked goods are my absolute favorite.  Given the beautiful weather the market was very busy when we arrived.
I of course started my visit with a doughnut and then picked up a couple of whoopie pies.  They don't compare to my favorites at home but are delicious just the same. 
Since it is still early in the growing season there wasn't a whole lot of produce aside from lettuce and spring greens.  I did however grab a container of multicolored cherry tomatoes.  I used to grow cherry tomatoes in the summer and they are so yummy.  Needless to say the container was empty by the end of the day!  I just couldn't help myself and no worries because they are good for you!
My other favorite part of the market was a sweet golden retriever puppy named Bella.  She was so calm, soft, and snuggly.  I've been really wanting to get a dog lately and never pass up some free puppy loving. 
After the farmers market I did a workout, went out by the pool and read a book, then played some tennis after dinner when it cooled off a little.  Can't every day be like this one?

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