Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Trifecta of Oddities

Strange things have been happening the past few days...

1. I cut the bottom of my foot at the yard sale we had on Saturday.  Nothing major but it was bleeding so I asked Emily for a band-aid.  An odd old man heard me say that and came over and prayed for my cut.  He held my foot and said things like "out with the pain, out with the infection, etc."  Then he told me it was the best he could do and to follow it up with some vitamin E! 
In case you're wondering I followed up with lots of soap and water and neosporin and it's healing up just fine.

2. While I was waiting for Em at Klines last night I got my ice cream and sat at a table.  Next thing you know, I was joined by a disabled guy.  We had a conversation about riding bikes, the weather, etc.  It was kind of hard to understand him and he kept staring at my purse and keys which made me nervous.  Luckily Emily showed up after a few minutes and I kindly excused myself.  We chose a table hidden around the side of the building.

3. My gas gauge has not worked for a year.  I now clock my mileage every time I fill up.  Last night I got a full tank of gas and reset my miles to zero.  Today on my way back from a home visit I was shocked to see the needle correctly reading at full and the check gauges light turned off.  Miraculously my car has made its own $600 repair.  Crossing my fingers it stays that way!

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