Saturday, June 25, 2011

From sweating to sweatshirts

After sweating to death packing my car to the brim and driving about 700 miles I made it home to Maine.
Just enough room for me to sit & believe it or not I fit another bag in the passenger seat.
"The beast" (huge red bag) just barely fit in the trunk
I'm not sure if it was the lack of room or what but for the first time while actually driving I felt really carsick.  Thankfully I had Advil and Pepto readily accessible which helped.  Overall the drive was uneventful aside from a couple close calls of cars nearly sideswiping me.  Funny enough the perpetrators drove cars just like Marissa's and Erin's which I found ironic.  Here you can see the drive via the major bridges I cross. 
Nice and sunny crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge into NJ 

Couldn't see NYC from the Tapanzee Bridge because of the fog

Getting close over the Piscataquis Bridge from NH to Maine

As usual I was welcomed with cold temps and drizzly rain and have had sweatshirts on ever since.  Luckily the weather is supposed to warm up into the 70s and 80s soon and the sunshine should return so perfect lake weather is on the way! 

It's so good to be home :)

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