Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame

This weekend I got to watch my soon to be home team- the Nationals!
Francine invited me to the game and her mom's company provided a free lunch before the game, complete with Sam Adams Summer Ale...you really can't beat that!  The food was delish and I really liked the stadium.  Luckily our seats ended up in the shade towards the end of the game because it was wicked HOT.
During the game they have something called the clueless cam where they film people and count how long it takes them to notice they are on the big screen.  This guy put on a show for the crowd and had a crab in each hand that were "fighting" each other.  It made for a good laugh. 
Best of all the Nats beat the Orioles 4-2.  I'm hoping to go to some more games in the future...with all of those empty seats it looks like getting tickets won't be a problem.

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