Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sometimes you just have to modify your goals

Today my goal was to run 11 miles.  As you probably guessed by the title of this post, I didn't make it that far.  Here is the breakdown of the run.  It was a sunny and warm Saturday but in true H'burg fashion it was very windy.  I started from campus this time and ran to the park, through neighborhoods, and stayed in the general vicinity of campus because I was running solo (which I really don't enjoy- can't wait for Marissa to come back from spring break!).  I've discovered that when I run by myself I tend to run way too fast at the start which makes the rest of the run more difficult.  Probably the sprinter mentality that I'm still trying to get away from.  Aside from being too hot during the first few miles everything was going fine up until about mile 4 or 5.  My lungs got really tight and I felt kind of wheezy.  I think its a side effect of the cold I got because I still haven't shaken the cough entirely.  So I stopped and walked for a minute or two to catch my breath and then kept on going.  By mile 6 I was dying and could not have been more thrilled to make a gummy/water pit stop.  This time my office served as the gummy location.
Shout out to Fran! Do you see flat (consultation) Stanley on my desk?
I felt a little better after the break but I think I was running low on fuel because I had eaten breakfast a couple hours before the start of the run and didn't have a last minute snack before I started.  At about mile 7 or 8 I got the tight feeling in my chest again and had to walk for a couple minutes again.  By this point I was feeling bummed about the whole thing and kind of defeated.  I hate having to walk during a run!  When I got back near my car at around 9.5 miles I was feeling totally beat both physically and mentally and decided it was enough for one day.  My body was screaming to stop so I listened to it and decided that 9.5 is not a failure- that's the second furthest distance I've ever run in my life!  So next time you set a goal don't be surprised if you have to modify it.  After all, goals are a challenge- they are something to work at.  I'm just hoping that another 2 weeks will work wonders on the lungs and I'll be good to go for the half.  It's getting close!
One way to remember the route you want to run- write it on the hand.

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