Thursday, March 17, 2011

Solid 10

I ran a solid ten today in beautiful weather.  Marissa let me wear her new Garmin watch which is so awesome.  It tracks your distance and your pace...two things I always want to know when I'm running.  Sadly the battery died at mile 5.25 but the freedom to run wherever without planning out a route is liberating.  At my gummy/water stop I got on the computer to try and figure out how many miles it was back to my apartment.  Then when I got home I calculated the total distance on and it came out to exactly 10 miles.  No crazy wind today just lots of sunshine and a nice cool breeze.  My pace while the Garmin was on was between 8:40 and 9:00 per mile I think, probably slower toward the end of the run.  This run was sooo much better than the last long one which I needed before race day.  I did get to run 4.6 miles and 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Sadly with a push for cardio, I have been neglecting my arms/abs entirely.  Hopefully when the half is over I can really get on track with that!

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