Monday, March 7, 2011

Imma back!

I went for my first run in a week and a half and it wasn't awful but there was a lot left to be desired.  With my running buddy away for spring break, I decided to run at the park because I knew there wasn't a whole lot of time until the sun set and I figured that was a safe place to go.  Well for those of you who run with me, you know I always need at least one more layer than everyone else to stay at a comfortable temperature.  Poor decision number one- running with just a long sleeve shirt.  I was freezing for most of the run and even wished I had a pair of gloves.  It had been nice out all day but as soon as the sun started to set it got cold!  Poor decision number two- I forgot my lunch at home today when I went to practicum and luckily found a granola bar in my bag to hold me over for a little while.  On my way home I stopped at the mall in Charlottesville to cash in a gift card and ended up getting a pretzel there.  That is not enough fuel pre-run but with limited daylight I didn't have time to eat and digest anything when I got home so I was dragging.  The good news is after a good dinner and about 10 different snacks tonight I think I made up for the lost lunch.  Poor decision number three- running too fast at the start killed me near the end.  I only ran three miles but my lungs and legs were not happy.  I'm still hanging onto a cough and the cold air was making my nose run like crazy which got my cough going.  All in all I probably looked like a disaster the whole time.  On a positive note I did see the cutest yellow lab puppy there and ended up seeing another grad psych student running there too.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one in town for the break.  It really does seem like a ghost town around here this week but the quiet and lack of traffic is a nice change of pace.  Tomorrow is a definite abs/arm day with the possibility of a run if I'm feeling motivated.  It's so hard to believe the half is less than 3 weeks away!  I'm going to try and get one more long run in at the end of this week and then start to taper to prepare for race day.   

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