Thursday, April 7, 2011

Springtime = Happiness

Spring is in the air and there is nothing like running in the perfect spring weather.  Warm sunshine and a cool breeze makes for the best running weather, and going for a run is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy!
Yesterday Marissa and I went for a 3.3 miler through campus and it was so beautiful out.  To top it all off I finally got back on the arm/ab train and we did about 25 minutes of arms and abs in the apartment when we got back.  Of course I was struggling which led to laughing and my abs feel it today.

Today is another warm and sunny day.  I wish I had time to get out for a run later today but with work to get done, a fundraiser to attend, and a birthday to celebrate, it's looking like I'll have to wait for another beautiful day.

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