Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Old Friend & a New Website

Today I went on a short little run and got to stop and see an old friend from high school.  We played soccer and ran track together in high school although she graduated a year ahead of me.  Anyway she currently coaches in Virginia and was at JMU for a track meet.  It's funny how small the world is!  Well we both agreed...Virginia beats Maine when it comes to weather and neither of us miss the cold and snow.  It was nice to see an old friend and teammate but strange to be at a meet again.

I just discovered a new website today.  It's called and basically you can find music to match your running pace.  What a great idea!  You put in your mile pace and voila...songs to match.  I haven't actually tried it yet but I think I'll have to put together a playlist based on their recommendations or search though some of the playlists that other people have uploaded to the site.  There are also tabs for walking and cycling so you can find music for that too.  What will they think of next?


  1. can't wait to try though i haven't run since the 5k :/

  2. i haven't actually used it yet but we should go for a run together soon since the weather has been so nice!