Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fran's First 10K

This past weekend I unofficially ran the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k in Richmond with Emily and Francine.  I hadn't signed up because I wasn't sure how I would be feeling after the half last weekend so I ran without a bib.

This was Francine's longest race so far and she did awesome!  She finished in 54:06 and did a super job sprinting at the end.  I know you have a half in your future Fran :)  Way to put that injury in the past and make an awesome running comeback.  I'm so glad you're back in the race!
Looking good Fran!

Also a shout-out to Em for setting a good race pace and for hosting us.  Oh and the fact you are even considering doing a 50k is pretty inspiring (or is crazy a better word?) even though you are an awesome athlete and competitor!

If you're looking for a really well run event with a great atmosphere and funny costumes I highly recommend this one.
Check out the bowling ball and bowling pins!


  1. Thanks Linz!!! and thanks to Em too, you guys really kept me going throughout the whole race. I could not have made that time without you guys.

    I can definitely see a half in the future...just not any 50k's